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Mervin Toussaint is an active saxophonist, composer, and producer in the Philadelphia area. With his roots in the Haitian church, Mervin has branched out to include Jazz, RnB, Neo-soul, and other contemporary styles in his musical voice. Regardless of the situation, Mervin aims to pay homage to the greats that came before him while still maintaining his originality. Mervin does all this and more in his debut EP Another Name For Everything, which he released in December 2020. 

Mervin has also performed with a wide array of poets, singers, rappers, and spoken word artists. You can often find him playing at different venues in the city, including SOUTH Jazz Kitchen, Chris’s Jazz Cafe, Dahlak Paradise, The Free Library, and Paris Bistro as a leader and sideman.

 Another Name For Everything EP

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Knowing that there are great artists out in the world is quite comforting these days.  With the theme of identity encompassed in his debut EP, Another Name For Everything, Mervin Toussaint is telling us that there is a language of the soul; as a young Haitian American man granting us access to his own.  Five tracks are showing an impressive range, while giving us what we can finally be honest with saying we need— salvation, companionship, joy, faith, and so much more.  The melodic blend of drums, bass, guitar, piano, and voice (along with precise production) with Toussaint leading/supporting with saxophone and keyboard, is all so descriptive that this message is relevant for sure, but comforting even more so.  Toussaint’s debut is the explorative side of identity; the many discoveries of what life is all about for the individual.  As the genuinely authentic sounds seep in so deeply, we are moved.  There’s a groove and a rhythm to life.  Another Name For Everything gives beauty in reflection, and the power of connection when artists prioritize authenticity.  Jazz, R&B, and Gospel reminisce on this project, with so much being learned about self and its many relationships.  The inclusion of soulful vocals (sentimental lyrics), and declarative spoken word exemplifies Toussaint’s talent as a composer with the brightest of futures.  With Another Name For Everything as his leap into what’s to come— which tends to invoke unfortunate anxiety, Toussaint’s professionally personal mark is being made before our very eyes; gloriously human in its approach, and confident in what’s ahead. 

- Kay Hollins

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Mervin Toussaint is an independent, self-managed artist.

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